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She'ehayah .


She ' eha , in Hebrew, means " burst into " , "break down", " create a vacuum in front of himself”.

She ' ehayah belongs to those "characters" who have considerable energy Yod ( it comes from the hieroglyph of the attention, of the pointing hand and of the look that obeys ), the stability became exasperate in them and there is the need to throw up everything . In those moments, their desire to raze it takes a little to become stronger than any attachment, any of their affection or love.

The protected people under this designation have such a special inclination, that they cannot understand themselves. Usually they only know that they are not at ease in the relationships that the rest of the world is satisfied of, they can experience the joys and torments of the passion, they are born that way and it is useless to try to resize or rationalize their paradoxical aspect.

The energy "YOD", of which they are greatly loads, tends to take revenge in case it is neglected, therefore it is good think that those who belong to this category make good use of it and take care of the others.


..... daniele:


I do not care who "my" dancers are, their words, their thoughts, their actions ... their minds. I'm interested in their bodies ...... They do not lie, as well as mine! The instinctive ability of being truth lives in the body, in each one of us and doesn't leave out anyone.

The aesthetic beauty is not a form of study, but a natural ability of turning the developmental deformity of bad thoughts in freedom of expression.

I am not able to stay in this world, I can not do it right, but I have a relationship of truth with my body that whatever does not happen outside, it happens inside and with me.

This duet was born in a hurry, we wait for each other, but not for a long time and it doesn't have time to chase the thoughts, it needs a lot of air and a compelling reason to get a shape.

The feeling that I live every day can be summarized in this sentence of the writer Janette Winterson: "Sometimes I would like to have a body next to me just to make me company."